Monday, July 28, 2008

Muzhumadhi avaladhu mugamaagum

Movie : Joadhaa Akbar
Music : A.R.Rehman
Singer : Srinivas
Lyrics : Na.Muthukumar
Sung by: Naveen
Karaoke Track by: Naveen

After listening this song for quite some time, I could not resist to sing this song with less practice.Its one of the very pleasant song anybody would love.
Not a good job on Karaoke track, which sounds good only through ear/head phones.
Wish to see your comments on my version of the song.


Anonymous said...

Hallo Navanee.....

Excellent, Good try, Please redo it with good karaoke also, It has come out well with your voice, I guess still if you redo it when you get a proper karaoke, it will be more natural. Keep it up.

LihtneS & Gang

Marutham said...

HI naveen :P

GOOD NEWS>.en cpu posungi pochu :P hehee..not that bad... but some parts have... so me t vetti abeeser today..came to LIB to check some books..apram dhaan gnyabagam vandhuchu :P
Kekaaatiyum paatuu super :D hehe I know u must have rocked as always..wud listen to the track soon :)

And cud u resend the song :-$ ..

some technical problem :P

priti said...

Naveen.....its a beautiful song....I've heard sonu nigam's version of it....tamil ippo dhan've done a great job with this song..romba anubavichi padirukeenga....cpl of on your high notes a bit...high notes la konjam pitching problem....and echo can be reduced.

I have one complaint with ARR in this song....all the charanams have the same tune..because of which the tune itself starts boring as it keeps repeating itself again and again..I always expect him to give a twist in atleast the last charanam...

I just tried singing "nee oru" again....I might want to sing at a slightly higher pitch...I m not getting the brighas at a lower pitch...Also I wanted to sing "Aagaya vennilave" do you have any idea where I can get the karaoke for it??

Awesome effort again....totally enjoyed listening to it after a long break.