Saturday, March 31, 2007

Janavary Nilavae...

Song: Janavary Nilavae Nalamthana...
Music: Thenisai thendral "Deva"
Singers: Krishnaraj, Sujatha
Sung by: Naveen

A very good song unnoticed by many. Excellent mellody... one of my night time favorites. Lovely lyrics. Simple and so decorative.
"Moochu nindru pona pinnum enakum
Nenjil undhan niyabangamae irukum"
"Un Padham patta boomi engum jolikum
Nee soodikonda kagithapoo manakum"
I simply love these lines...

Please leave your valuable comments.


தமிழ்ப்பிரியன் said...

really very good attempt...u have a good voice. keep it up.

தமிழ்ப்பிரியன் said... do you create such songs? u recompose it totally and sing? or is there any software?....very interested to try it out..ur help is very appreciated (

Naveen said...

Shankar, thanks for your appreciation and encouragement.
I don't recompose any songs.
I do digital editing/mixing/effects using few audio editors...
I also use karaoke tracks...
And techniques are all song dependent.

priti said...

Good attempt Naveen...Keep singing and posting more songs :)

Anonymous said...

Good one Navaneethan

Lihtnes & Gang

Jothi said...

Very nice effort Naveen. You got a nice voice.
Keep it up.

Jenni said...

I like this song sung by Sujatha and Krishnaraj very much. You have done a good job.
Keep it up.