Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ninaivo oru Paravai (Whistle)

Song: Ninaivo oru Paravai
Movie: Sigapu Rojakal
Music by: Ilayarajaa
Wistle by: Naveen
Wounderful tune composed by Ilayaraja.Just tried Wisteling the song tune.

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arun said...

couldn't believe if this is just whistling,

It lookls like flute, enormous amount of hidden talents,

Love this one very much!

Love to hear some more!

All de best!!!

Ramesh said...

Thats great whistling, esp the difficult phrases in the charanam. I loved it. May be you can try adding the overlaps in the pallavi by whistling in another separate track.

BTW, I listened to your other songs too. Very nice. I wonder how you come up with the karaoke versions. For some songs, I think you use midi files. What about the rest?

Naveen said...

Thanks for your Comment Ramesh.
Yea.. even I felt adding the overlaps... but got in to different songs...:)
Regarding the Karaokes.. I edit the original song to the maximum to get rid of the voice. Its all mostly song dependent.